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Terms of Business.



•      Art work is acceptable in the following formats:





                     Photoshop (Psd)

                      Illustrator (AI)


•      300dpi – Is required.  

The quality of the print is not guaranteed on artwork received with a lower      dpi.  ‘HiroGliffix’ works to the highest quality and will need authorisation from client before printing such files.

•      ‘HiroGliffix’ is able supply artwork. Design fees are available upon request.  

             Fees are dependent on the size and complexity of the work, staring from £45.

•      Multiple colour designs may be subject to a separation fee.  £5 per colour






•      Visual Sample of requested prints will be delivered in an electronic format via email.

•      Samples are available within 3 working days subject to screen payment.

•      Stencils are kept on site for 90 days after last print run and then destroyed.


•      Screen payments £25.00 to include film positive.

•      ‘HiroGliffix’ regrets that screens are not for sale. Screen payments are for the manufacture of the stencil only.

•      ‘HiroGliffix’ will aim to complete orders within 10 working days after receipt of ‘cleared deposit funds’.  During times of high production a date of completion will be given at time of order/ payment. 

•      ‘HiroGliffix’ wants the highest percentage of customer satisfaction.  We ask all customers to proof there work and send email confirmation of the design and the agreement to proceed.  We will where possible advise on the design to ensure that the best quality image is produced on the completed print.




•      Once a customer has agreed on the final Print, changes are subject to a re-design and screen fee typically £40.00.  Any prints produced before the cancellation is received are subject to payment at the agreed price for the number of completed items.






•      Verbally quoted prices will be upheld if full payment is received with 24hours.

•      All quote requests will be returned via email within 24hrs of receiving the request. 

•      Quotes are valid for 30 days. 

•      If stock is required the quoted price will be given as an estimated value.

     A true figure will be confirmed via email once the stock order has been placed with   supplier.




•      Acceptable Forms of Payment and Clearance times.


1. Cash                 


Same day 

2. Cheque             


Please note HiroGliffix does not accept cheques.

3. Credit/Debit Card 


2 working days (subject to 2% handling fee)

4. Bacs Payment

5. Pay Pal




Same day

2 working days (subject to 3% handling fee)


•      Production of prints will not commence until agreed deposit typically 50% of order value has cleared in our Bank account.

•      ‘HiroGliffix’ regrets that an account system is not available.  

Payments are required within 7 days of delivery of order.



Late payments


•      HiroGliffix reserve the right to claim statutory interest at 8% above the Bank of England reference rate in force on the date the debt becomes overdue and at any subsequent rate where the reference rate changes and the debt remains unpaid in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.




·          HiroGliffix cannot be held responsible for 3rd party loss / errors for example late deliveries via courier.